Chinese sausage and egg fried rice

This fried rice recipe offers the advantage of including Chinese dried sausage, a welcome touch of sweet and savoury pork in our fish-based diet. If none is available, replace the sausage with salt-cured fish.

Depending on how much soy sauce, nuoc man and salted egg one uses, the recipe can get quite…. salty. Better go lightly on the soy sauce and serve the rice with a saucer of Worcestershire sauce, as is the habit of my excellent friend and Chinese culinary mentor Q.C.S.C.J.P. Hoo.


> chinese sausages, cut in thin slices, or salt-cured fish, cut in small cubes

> yellow onions, chopped small

> spring onions, chopped

> garlic, crushed

> green chilies, chopped

> Thai jasmine rice, boiled and cooled down before being added to the wok

> salted egg, broken into crumbs

> light soy sauce and nuoc man sauce

> for a Thai presentation, add half a lime and some cucumber slices on the side of the plate


Cook the rice first, with the sausages on top, then let it cool down. In a wok, start by frying the onions, and the sausages or the dried fish then the garlic and chilies, in that order. Add the rice, stir well, add soy sauce and nuoc man, to taste, the egg last, broken into crumbs. Sprinkle with white pepper (if no chilies) and finely chopped spring onion before serving.

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